Accessories Telematics

High quality magnetic hold for GL200/GL300

External battery kit, Peli Case 1020, Power control untit with motion sensor, External battery 17.600 mAh

USb to UART cable

GPS active antenna with MMCX RF connector

GPS active antenna with SMA RF connector

Car cigarette lighter plug

Car Cigarette lighter plug

Car battery power supply, Output 5V/1.5A, Input DC 10-36V

Mini USB cable to wire out the interface of the mini

A Sheath to fix

Microphone, Cable lenght: 2 meters

Passive hands-free speaker set, Cable lenght: 2 meters

Active hands-free speaker, build in amplifier

Driven by the digital output on any GV/TRV device

Thin film panic button, Cable lenght: 2 meters

Harness cable for GV/TRV-200 with relay output

Kit includes data cable and power supply

Garmin FMI (fleet management interface) cable

Complete evaluation kit for GV/TRV-300

NO/NC 40A/30A (14DC), Internal freewheeling diode

Including: AC100, 1-Wire Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor (OS18B20), Cable lenght: 8 meters

Converts 1-Wire signals to GV/TRV series

3 pin 1 to 2 cable for AC100, Cable lenght: 50 cm

Including 2x iButton with handle,
1x iButton reader

Used for driver ID identification,
1x iButton reader

iButton with handle ( dallas key)

Power Supply Input Voltage: 10-24V, Communication Baud rate: 115200

USB to UART cable, Programming cable

2x Rechargeable lithium CR123 (3V 600 mAh)

2x CR123 Battery (3V 600 mAh)

To improve anti-surge capacity from the GV/TRV series

16pin OBDII extension cable

Operating voltage : 9-36VDC, Measurement range : 5cm-100cm

High quality magnetic holder for GL505/TRA-505 casing

Decodes information from vehicles digital buses (CAN bud and J1708) for tracking device

Decodes information from vehicles digital buses (CAN bus and J1708) for tracking device include UART cable

Interface, wich allows to connect CAN-logistic to vehicle`s CAN-bus without cutting and soldering the cables

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